Pampas Heights

Contact: Bryce and Karen Heard
Address: 240 Te Waerenga Rd Rotorua New Zealand
Phone: 07 332 2271


Our breeding strategy at Pampas Heights is to pool all of the best English bloodlines into our herd to produce the "Super English" animals.


We started by mixing the Stanfield Oaks animals with the best Fraser animals back in the mid 1990’s, as those two studs at that time were producing the leading English bloodlines. In the intervening years we have sourced female stock, embryos and semen from the best sources available. These sources included imports from Warnham Park, purchases from Woburn Abbey, Windermere, Stanfield Bushy, Tower Farms, Canterbury Deer, Pelorus Stud and Deer Genetics as well as others. In recent years we have reintroduced a smidgeon of eastern bloodlines from carefully selected bloodlines. Our purpose here is to add additional length to our massive beam and multiple tynes that now are characteristic of Pampas Heights stock. We have also used the former world record SCI holder Tamar, extensively to pump even more beam and tynes into the brew. Every year since 1996 we have run a large embryo/AI program on our property using both our own extended bloodlines, but also purchased (proven) female stock together with semen from the top performing stags in New Zealand. We have put a lot of effort and research into identifying the super female animals and crossing them with the best fit sires. Because our breeding programme is young and our advances have been rapid, our high performing progeny are still less than 6 years old (and hence still under rated), but the statistics from the young animals are ranking with the best and are moving ahead faster than the breeders who persist with the narrow gene pools and/or "pure park" approach.

Sire Stags