Hannibal DG





Hannibal DG is Motsumi over an Adonis daughter, an extremely successful cross.
At 1 year old Hannibal scored an amazing SCI 286.

At 2yrs cast 22 September 2005. Hannibal has grown a huge head this year 2005. Fabulous long BBT, long beam with long open tines in his multi pointed tops. All tines and points are long which makes for exceptional SCI scores.Fantastic SCI score 370 @ 2yrs. He has everything anyone would want in a Trophy stag.

At 3yrs Hannibal cast 1 September 2006. Much earlier than last year.
30 Oct 06 - He has a huge chunk of velvet on his head. He damaged his head during the growing stages and knocked a couple of tines off, but managed to finish off in January. He scored SCI 427 @ 3yrs. Age 1: 286