Leonardo DG 618





Leonardo DG as a yearling was 5 x 6, an impressive looking head, maturing early.
At 2yr he has produced a stunning multi pointed long tined specialist trophy head. Long bottom tines and long top tines on a great open head. Lots of opportunity for huge scoring gains over the years.

Breeding is fantastic - Motsumi DG over Adonis DG Ist calver, a real good mix for trophy heads. Motsumi over our Adonis hinds are producing some real good trophy heads.
With a long span, super long tines, multi pointed tops, forked trez, Leonardo DG has all the elements of a top trophy producer.

Leo cast 24 August 2004, pretty early for a rising 3yr old, and scored an awesome SCI 393.
2005 - he cast early again on 20 August.
Many of Leonardo spikers are multi pointed and long. Leonardo continues to produce an attractive head with long scoring tines and points.

As a 5yr old Leonardo cast early as usual on 20 August 2006. He had a busy time during the Roar and wore himself out ! His head was not as long as it has been and the tines were shorter this year - hence his SCI score is lower than last year SCI 443 @ 5yrs. There is always next year. Age 2: Live weight 144kg, HA 6.78kg, SCI 318
Age 3: SCI 393
Age 4: SCI 471
Age 5: 472 7/8