Pure Eastern shown at 7 years (Deceased 2005).

This super sire has changed the face of Eastern breeding. A spectacular 392kg at 6 years with 13.1kg H/A, his first crop of sons were up to 256kg, antler spread 46”, antler weight 9.05kg, with prices up to $53,000. In our January 06 sale we had a remarkable Maximilian son with antlers at 48.5” wide and 24 points. He made $40,000 purchased by Ross Green.

Of all the Eastern sires we have bred with since 1984 Maximilian is indisputably No.1, especially with 262kg 2yr olds with +20.7 BVs like 03152 purchased by Mike Wilkins and 25 points as in 2007 sale. No2 BV sire in the industry and sire of many high ranking sires including a past No1. BVs venison +21.81 Age 2: Date 2/1/2000, Live weight 250 kg, HA 5.6 kg
Age 3: Date 2/1/2001, Live weight 312 kg, HA 8.15 kg
Age 4: Date 2/1/2002, Live weight 340 kg, HA 9 kg
Age 5: Date 2/1/2003, Live weight 370 kg, HA 12.15 kg
Age 6: Date 2/1/2004, Live weight 393 kg, HA 13.1 kg
Age 7: Date 2/1/2005, Live weight 370 kg, HA 13.8 kg