Winner of the 2010 Hard Antler Competition.
Odysseus DG with sire Chancellor Peel and dam an Adonis daughter has all the elements of top trophy genetics. Multi pointed as a yearling - 11 x 15. We will watch his 2yr head with great interest.

2004 - at 2yrs cast 9 Oct 2004, SCI 355, 14 x 15.
Have a look at Odysseus photos below. Brilliant long scoring BBT with fantastic multi pointed long tops. Awesome trophy stag genetics. We have fawns on the ground this year from Odysseus over first calving hinds. We look forward to seeing his spikers in 2005.

2005 - at 3yrs cast 12 Sept 2005. Odysseus performed beyond all expectation. Many of his spikers are multi pointed with long tines. Odysseus himself gained a phenomenal 100 inches on his last years head. Huge, attractive, wide, open, multi pointed head. He has everything going for him.
Odysseus spiker sons 4128 - 14 x 15 @ 1yr, 4136 - 12 x 13 @ 1yr, 4133 - 4 x 4 @ 1yr.

2006 - Odysseus cast earlier this year on 28 August 2006.
New majestic DGNZ Sire Cicero DG tag 5211 is son of Odysseus DG. You can view Cicero on his own webpage.
Many of Odysseus sons are multi pointed as Spikers.
Odysseus DG scored SCI 484 @ 4yrs - fabulous long tines, attractive head, has the ability to pass on his superb genetics. Age 1: Live weight 112kg
Age 2: SCI 355
Age 3: SCI 461
Age 4: SCI 484