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Netherdale Red Deer Stud Annual Sale

08 Jan 2015, 1:30 p.m. @ The property at Balfour

A warm welcome to our 28th Netherdale Red Deer Elite Sire Sale.
Another excellent year for velvet growers and the outlook for the future looks very good-
With world velvet production down an estimated 40% there is an opportunity for New Zealand
to lift production in a controlled manner and still maintain the level of returns we are
receiving this season.
This year’s line up of 3 year sire’s has an average velvet weight of just a little under 6.50 kg
and is the tidiest line up we have ever presented, providing intending purchasers with a
great selection of quality velvet and venison genetics. Our Sale this year has an excellent
mix of progeny from our top Master Sire’s, especially Harlem [son of Buller]. Harlem has had
a huge influence with almost half of this year’s offering his progeny.
The highest velvet EBV stag is + 3.60 kg and the venison breeding value stag is +12.48 kg.
Every effort has been made to cut the heads correctly giving purchasers the ability to assess
an honest weight and grade, eliminating guesswork on future performance.

Approx. 70 2 year old velvet stags will be once again offered. We continue to receive positive
feedback from previous purchasers on the excellent shifting ability and velvet weights
of Netherdale stock.
As in the past we are offering a good selection of young hinds with bloodlines from 403,
Harlem, Gatling, Wardlaw, Riley, Hagley, 1021 a young sire from the Windermere stud and
622/10 a Netherdale sire. These young hinds offer top velvet genetics to intending purchasers
with a limited opportunity to secure both 403 and Harlem maiden hinds.
Semen will be available from Harlem.
Congratulations to our clients who have had success during the year at velvet competitions
throughout the country with heads from Netherdale bloodlines, especially Todd and Fleur
Anderson who purchased last year’s lot 1 which has cut over 11 kg as a 4 year old this year.
Our emphasis has always been on velvet genetics, so it is really pleasing to achieve great
results from our breeding programme.
Have a very merry Christmas and we look forward to meeting you at Netherdale for our sale
on 8th January 2015 at 1-30pm.

Kind Regards
David and Lynley

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Brock Deer Elite Sire Stag & Yearling Hind Sale 2015

08 Jan 2015, 6:00 p.m. @ Merino Downs

Welcome to Brock Deer 2015 Sire Stag & Yearling Hind Sale

Brock Deer are committed to breeding high performing and robust deer that grow big velvet and are genetically superior through years of breeding from the best

Enquires: Eddie Brock                                                        Elliot Brock

                   (027) 607 6822 or (03) 207 6822                  (027) 2776733

Email:       eddie@brockdeer.co.nz                                  elliot@brockdeer.co.nz

Website:  www.brockdeer.com

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Wilkins Farming Company Limited South Island Sale

12 Jan 2015, 3:00 p.m. - 12 Jan 2015, 3:30 p.m. @ 65 Harvey Road, Athol

Wilkins Farming Company Limited

Pure Eastern and European Sire stag sale 12 January 2015 3pm

To be held at our Athol property, 65 Harvey Road, Athol

Excellent line up of sale stags including sons of our standout sires WF 144/O/05 and Vladimir along with up and coming sires WF 25/G/09 and Mach Seven WF 7/G/09

Top W12eBV 24.72

Mark the date on your calendar now a sale not to miss.

Catalogues will be posted to all on our mailing list early December if you are not currently on the mailing list please email livestockgenetics@wilkinsfarming.co.nz

Our online catalogue will be available on www.wilkinsfarming.co.nz from early December onwards.

For any enquiries please contact

Michael Wilkins 027 2499 317 mike@wilkinsfarming.co.nz

Pauline Pattullo 027 2499 309 livestockgenetics@wilkinsfarming.co.nz

Jeremy Elliott 027 2499 037 deer@wilkinsfarming.co.nz

Or your local specialist deer livestock agent.

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